Yes, you can shower with ours


Imagine the embarrassment of a green stain betraying you during an unforgettable date or poolside lounge. Avoid this fashion mishap with SPCY's 100% waterproof and sweatproof jewelry. Designed for life's special moments, our pieces withstand workouts, swimming, and enchanting evenings. Advanced anti-tarnish technology guarantees a lasting luminous sheen, eliminating the dreaded 'green stain.' With SPCY, you're investing in undying style and peace of mind. Step into a world where your jewelry never lets you down—wear your style confidently and proudly.

They cheap out, we don't.


Step away from the inferiority of conventional gold-plating. SPCY leverages the advanced PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technique, outperforming competitors' frail surface-layered gold. Unlike these common, cheap methods, our process infuses gold directly into the base metal, providing unparalleled resistance to wear, water, and sweat. With SPCY, your chain's radiant luster endures, unblemished from day one. Embrace the exceptional craftsmanship and superior technology that allows SPCY's gold-plated chains to consistently outshine and outlast those of competitors stuck in outdated practices.

You're Safe With Us

No Green skin anywhere

At SPCY, we take pride in our pursuit of excellence, evident in our decision to use surgical-grade stainless steel as the base metal for our gold-plated chains. This isn't a choice you'll see mirrored in many brands who opt for sterling silver or brass - metals known to oxidize and lead to a disheartening green mark on your skin. With our commitment to enduring quality and hypoallergenic properties, our choice of stainless steel sets a new standard, one that sidesteps oxidation and prevents any green stains on your skin, even through regular wear.


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